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Of knights and dungeons and dragons and damsels in distress....
Of the unexplainable and the shouldn't be explained....

Alexandra's Mystery -- I had no idea what I was getting into when I saved Gavin's life. I can't tell you more, it would give my story away. Just read and enjoy. By K. Elize

A Century of Snow -- A gentle old man dozes before the fire as the wind whirls the snow around his cabin. Before long it is more than the snow that's whirling. A story by Martin Somers

Death Takes a Leak -- Yep. It's exactly what it sounds like. By Christopher Bloom

Dragon Sword! -- An adventurous young sorceress finds herself in the midst's of the strong and powerful dragon friend of her teacher. He asks her to help him recover a magic sword which leads her into terrible danger. By Diana M. Blount

Except for a Mouse -- Jonathon falls asleep Christmas Eve expecting an unhappy Christmas. He dreams more than a dream, and wakes up to more than he expected. A story by Martin Somers

Heart Of A Prince -- In a surreal world of beauty and prestige, where power is worth more than gold, Prince Alan learns what it means to have true courage. By Ashley Mills

The Human's Box -- Ever really wonder where color came from? And who gave it to us? Prizes like color don't come without a price. A story by Mike McCraith

In the Arms of Morpheus -- What is reality to someone who isn't real? A story by Brian Carlson

Inside the Soap Bubble -- It's a pity that life is limited to seconds. It was an idiotic race: ambitions, anxieties, nastiness, all in vain. By Paul Satori

Jade -- A six year old with a strange pendant ventures into a dark alley and learns more than she wants to. By Courtney Bollinger

Kessandria and the Four Crests -- Four ancient crests must be collected to stop the evil sorceress. If you like adventure, romance, and fantasy, you should enjoy this story. By Aberration

Leap -- A story about a woman's reflections on her past and future, and the man she loves deeply but has never met. A tale of courage, trust, passion, and leaping into the unknown. A story by Rhonda L. Nolan

The Legend of Thasimus -- Morale in Goewin reached a level lower than ever before - all hope was gone - until Thasimus, son of the gods, left in search of the answer. By U amaranathan

The Long Arm of the Past -- Two hundred years ago, a little boy is lost in the woods and never seen again.... A story by Martin Somers

The Necessary Witch -- The necessary witch who cast her spell is one of only four corporeal beings left here... By Jacob Bettany

Of Dragons and Tea -- A misunderstood Dragon invites a Knight over for dinner, by Aubry Thonon

Reunion -- A man meets old friends in mysterious circumstances. By Mark Steven

Tome Quest -- The bright young daughter of the governor of New York stumbles into a dragon while looking for an ancient book. The dragon says he'll help her if she will work for him for as long as he commands! By Diana M. Blount

Unfolding the Heart and Mind -- The author says: "Horses that fly? People will die. A girl that learns to toil? No more, I don't want to spoil." By Daniel R. Jones

The Waltz of the Moving Wall -- Billy, alone and afraid, finally witnesses the other side of Life. By Neil Dempsey

Zinnonth - The Offer -- A short piece about a soon to die wizard who gets an unusual offer from Death, by Steven Scougall


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