Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Reality Check

"Seera Senshitachi Nidan? Ni-jitsuzai no Kikyuu"
("The Sailor Senshi are twins? Crisis between two realities.")

by Richard E. Rae

Part 2

A dark-suited man in sunglasses with a briefcase had materialized near the east side of the shrine in the front courtyard, and a dark-suited woman, also with sunglasses and a briefcase, had materialized on the westside of the courtyard near the kiosk.

"Lawyers!" whispered Sailormoon. "What monsters!" agreed Sailor Moon. "Shut up!!!" hissed Sailor Mars and Sailormars simultaneously.

"Wow!" said a starry-eyed Sailor Jupiter. "That guy's one gorgeous hunk." "Yeah," said an equally starry-eyed Sailorjupiter. "He reminds me a lot of my ex-boyfriend." "Mine too," Sailor Jupiter concurred.

Everyone glared at the two Jupiters, then dipped their heads and gave sighs all around.

The man, seeing the woman opposite him, appeared startled, then casually raised his briefcase to the crook of his left arm. The woman also seemed surprised and did the same thing, only in the crook of her right arm. They were standing stock-still about thirty meters apart, almost like gunfighters preparing to have a showdown in an American western.

The two sinister arrivals both glanced briefly at the Sailors, then pointedly ignored them as they looked each other over. After a long pause, they addressed each other.

"What are you doing here, Bitimu?" said the female. "Are you responsible for bringing these brats here? It figures. It's certainly typical of you to try to do everything you can to force this Reality to conform to the Master. You are undoing everything I've tried to do here."

"No, Eitimu," the male snorted. "I figured YOU had created this situation. This idiotic backup Reality is flawed and damaged, and is totally incompatible with the Master.
Rather than repair this Reality, you have encouraged the problems, even creating some yourself. This will not be tolerated."

"What problems, Bitimu? This backup Reality was damaged some time ago; all I have done is erase the parts that have no bearing, reshape the parts that offend or show all that is wrong with the Master Reality. The Master is itself a flawed Reality and was the product of an impure creation. This Reality can thus only be improved upon, wouldn't you agree?" The woman smirked.

"This is an outrage, Eitimu! The Master is the purest Reality, created by the purest principles! Its integrity cannot be challenged, and it cannot be altered or adapted in any way but that of its original path and intention! There is no improving upon perfection!" The man adopted an offensive stance.

"There are numerous holes in this Reality already," said Eitimu. "I've patched a few of them, but mostly to keep the Master Reality from corrupting this world. But it seems that the Master Reality keeps trying to break through, disrupting my continuity. Now I know why. I've made this Reality a world unto itself, and you should let me be the judge of what is right or wrong."

"You stupid fool!" shouted Bitimu. "Your continuity is not the issue! The corrections I make to your blunders are necessary, and I am trying beyond all possible hope to bring the backup into line with the Master! Your abominable sidetracks and tangents are out of line! Whole chunks of continuity have been redirected, omitted, even transposed in time! The Master and the Backup realities MUST be identical in all ways! You are reckless and I will repair all that you have done!!"

"Your meddling has ruined my work!" screamed Eitimu in anger. "I was trying to repair this last pivotal inconsistency..."

"And so was I!! " shot back Bitimu. "We both have obviously tried to repair this incompatibility region at the same time, causing both the Master and the Backup Reality to coexist simultaneously in this singularity!! This is an abomination!"

"HEY!" yelled Sailormoon and Sailor Moon, simultaneously. The two dark-clothed figures turned their heads towards the residence.

"Who are you people?!?" cried Luna. "Why are you here?"

Bitimu snorted disdainfully and said, "Well, talking cat, we are the Raita. Our purpose is, as you might put it, to be 'repairmen'- to insure compatibility between the Master Reality and its Backup Reality, so that the backup can recover the Master after catastrophic disasters on a physical plane you cannot even begin to fathom."

"Although in this case, the Backup Reality is an improvement over the Master and the Master should be overhauled." snapped Eitimu, with a dark glance at Bitimu.

"Excuse ME!!" yelled Sailor Moon.

"You two need to settle your petty bickering before you can do anything constructive." said Sailor Mercury.

"Our lives and our worlds were perfectly fine until you two bozos started messing with them!" said Sailor Jupiter.

"You've screwed up the natural balance of things, and you won't get away with it! Yurusenai!!" said Sailormars.

"Our two separate realities do perfectly well without your interference, thank you very much!" This from Sailor Venus.

"You've caused a Dimensional Incompatibility Crisis, and we won't allow it!" said Sailormercury.

"And you made Lita's muffins taste yucky! That's unforgivable!" said Sailor Moon.
Luna and Lu-na bowed their heads and sighed.

"So quit squabbling and fix the problem!" cried Sailormoon.

"Ai to seigi no, Sailor-fuku bishoujo senshi Sailormoon! Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!"
said Sailormoon defiantly, pointing with crossed arms at the Raita.

"And I stand for love and justice! I'm Sailor Moon! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!" rejoined Sailor Moon, with the same pose as her twin.

"What in the heck was that last thing you said?" murmured Sailormoon to Sailor Moon out of the side of her mouth, still holding her pose. "That was ridiculous!"

Still in her pose, Sailor Moon whimpered, "But it's my favorite line!"

"Try this," said Sailormoon, and she whispered into Sailor Moon's ear.

"Oh." Sailor Moon looked defiant again. "On behalf of the Moon, I'll Punish You!!"
"Lots better," said Sailormoon, winking and giving her the "OK" sign with her left hand.

Eitimu made a wry face. "Oh, yes, the Sailor Scouts. You're just another incompatibility I've been meaning to delete."

Bitimu said, musing, "And the Sailor Senshi, too." He shook his head. "Your physical presence in this Reality, though not of your own choice, has created a region of severe incompatibility. With both realities occupying the same space, none of you can pass the boundaries of this region- the shrine and its immediate area- without disrupting the balance and corrupting both realities irreparably. "

Eitimu added, "Neither of us can repair this area from inside this region, as our powers of alteration are effective only outside of this singularity. And repairing this area of instability cannot be accomplished unless the causes for the incompatibility field are eliminated."

Bitimu finished, saying "Thus, I regret that both the Sailor Senshi and the Sailor Scouts must be deleted entirely."

"Why not just sue us instead..." said Sailor Moon. "OWWWW!!" she added, rubbing the top her noggin where Sailor Mars had just bonked her.

Bitimu went silent, then glanced down disinterestedly and began quickly tapping combinations on the surface of his case; Eitimu, after a pause, began doing the same thing with her case.

Sailormercury quickly pressed her earring, activating her computer visor; she began analyzing the two Raita and the strange devices they held.

Amid the numerous data displays within her head-up display, Sailormercury noted that there was an intense energy signature coming from the two devices. The display was indicating graphically that lines of Reality were warping, folding as a direct result of their punching data into the devices. An alert suddenly flashed within the visor...

A pair of glowing energy spheres crackling with power had formed in front of each of the two Raita, building in intensity.

"Abunai! Look Out! " cried Sailormercury... as the two spheres shot towards the shrine from two directions at unimagined speed.

No sooner had both groups of Sailors leapt to either side than a jagged blast of bluish-white energy from the combined attack exploded right where they had all been standing a moment ago. The concussion of the blast tore a hole in the stone-paved walk, and knocked the Sailors flying, screaming, in two directions. The cats leapt to the roof of the shrine, singed but otherwise unharmed.

Eitimu coldly said, "You should have remained still. Now this will needlessly prolong your eventual deletion."

"THAT DOES IT! Sister, you're toast!" cried Sailor Jupiter.

"And you, evil one!" yelled Sailormars, leaping forward. "Kasei ni kawatte, sekkan yo!"

Sailor Jupiter crossed her forearms, with the index and fifth fingers on each hand extended; an antenna rose from her tiara, and she cried "Jupiter Thunder!!" as a bolt of searing lightning struck the antenna from above, charging it. "CRASH!" she yelled, flinging her arms and legs wide, blasting the bolt towards Eitimu.

Eitimu examined her nails for a moment, then tapped a key on her case.

The searing bolt of electrical energy struck Eitimu in a searing flash, but seemed to be absorbed!!

"What!? The Jupiter Thunder didn't work!!"

"FIIIRE...." yelled Sailormars, clasping her hands together with the index fingers extended and her eyes shut tight, her hands quivering as the energy built... "SOUL!!" she cried, sending a horizontal pillar of intense flame towards the bored-looking Bitimu. Bitimu, almost mockingly, keyed in something on his case as well.

The flames struck, enveloping him... but he appeared unscathed!

"Oh, no!!!" screamed Sailormars.

The Scouts spread out, trying to surround Eitimu; the Senshi also ran laterally, trying to get into position to attack Bitimu en masse-

Eitimu continued typing on the case she carried; a smirk was present on her face, as if she was waiting for something.

Luna watched the activities of Eitimu and Bitimu and noticed that she, Lu-na, Artemis, and Artemisu seemed to be ignored by the Raita. "Artemis, Artemisu, you two stay here and try to help if the Scouts and Senshi need you. Lu-na, let's go climb a tree."
"What?" stared Lu-na.
"Come on. We need to see what we can find out about those pads they seem to be using so effectively."

The two black cats ran across the rooftop of the shrine, then leapt to the ground; "There's a tree behind the enemy. Maybe we can work our way into it and get an cat's-eye view in back of them..."

"GO!!" The Sailor Scouts charged forward, each of them preparing to attack Eitimu with her own unique power... Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury took up defensive positions in behind the others as Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus advanced at a run.

"Three on one," yelled Sailor Venus to her comrades. "Right!" said Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars, as they assumed fighting poses.

"Venus Crescent Beam... SMASH!" yelled Sailor Venus, bracing her right arm with their left hand as the powerful stream of energy shot from her extended fingertips....

"Mars Celestial Fire... SURROUND!" cried Sailor Mars, circling her arm, drawing the energy into her cupped hands, and releasing circular bolts of fire with machine-gun precision...

"Jupiter Thunderbolt... ZAP!!" shouted Sailor Jupiter, as she formed a bolt of electrical energy into her palms, then threw the destructive ball of lightning straight at Eitimu with her powerful right hand.

Eitimu stood calmly and tapped three keys; let them have their fun for a moment, she thought. They'll be obliterated soon enough.

She stifled a yawn as the fire energy, beam energy, and thunderbolt impacted harmlessly on the shield she'd erected, in a deafening sequence of flashes and smoke.

"I can't believe it!" cried Sailor Mars in disbelief, as she stood staring with the others. "All that and she's still standing."
"This is NOT looking good, guys..." said Sailor Moon.

"Are you finished?" said Eitimu. A series of energy balls formed, one after the other in front of her; hanging suspended and glowing stock-still for a moment, the bolts shot directly at the rapidly dodging and screaming group of Scouts, who were occasionally knocked flying by the impacts and rapid-fire explosions, which were tearing gouges in the courtyard.

On the other side of the compound, Bitimu grumbled; he could only detect four of the Senshi on his screen. He checked his files on them and updated their energy signatures; the Blue one, Sailormercury, was nowhere to be found. He'd worry about that later.

"IMA!!" yelled Sailormars; the Senshi charged from three directions, attacking Bitimu in a semicircle.

"Venus Love-me... CHAIN!" Sailorvenus cocked her arm up and snapped her hand, which had the index and little finger extended, as if cracking a whip. The chain of heart-shaped energy links shot forward at Bitimu;

"Supreme... THUNDER!" cried Sailorjupiter, as her antenna threw a powerful blast of electrical energy towards the Raita;

"Burning.... MANDALA!" shouted Sailormars, as the circular bolts of energy launched rapidly from her hands...

Just as with Eitimu, Bitimu was unscathed as one blast after another impacted his shield. He squinted from the flares of the blasts. Taking a reading on the Senshi's positions from the screen on his controller case, he targeted the center of the moving group.

A large energy ball erupted from in front of him, exploding in the midst of the Sailor Senshi, hurling Sailorjupiter and Sailormars across the courtyard. Sailormoon and Sailorvenus staggered and screamed for their friends...

The air was filled with one attack cry after another from both the Sailor Scouts and Sailor Senshi, who despite the odds kept up the attacks, hoping the enemy would weaken. Pillars of flame, charged energy bolts, and beams of concentrated power lit the courtyard in a hellish display, countered by blindingly bright blue-white flashes and thundering concussions created from the weapons of the two Raita.

Sailormercury had withdrawn back into the shrine hiding out of sight of the enemy. She could see the melee in the courtyard and was studying the Raita's energy utilization curves with her computer and visor; something must be there that she could use to find their weakness; Sailor Mercury crept over to her, having withdrawn in the confusion herself. "We have to do something!" she said. "They'll kill us all!"
"It's up to the Lunas now- if they can give us any information..." Sailormercury said.

Luna and Lu-na had made it to a tree in the courtyard behind both of the Raita, and they looked down; they could see each of the Raita's keyboards fairly clearly despite the distance. "Let's hope the Senshi or Scouts don't miss and destroy this tree..." said Lu-na.

On the display screens, the cats noted that there was one identifying blip with spatial coordinates for every member of the Senshi and Scouts displayed- or was there??

"Look!" whispered Lu-na. "On Bitimu's screen. That blue blip is Ami in the shrine, but shouldn't there be two blue blips if your Amy is with her?" "You're right!" gasped Luna. There was one blip for every attacking Sailor Senshi, but none for the Sailor Scouts on Bitimu's display, and the opposite was true on Eitimu's screen.

Back in the shrine, which had been untouched by the violence so far, the two genius Sailors continued to study the enemy with their computers. "Look! Those cases the Raita are holding- they have an incredible energy signature!" said Sailormercury, who was monitoring Eitimu. Sailor Mercury nodded. "They must be their main source of power- controllers of some sort. They must be what they've used to cause these dimensional problems." Sailormercury tapped into her keyboard rapidly. Studying the graphic analysis of the Raita, she cried, "Those cases are extremely sophisticated computers! Plus, it appears they can warp the environment around them, even reality itself..."

Sailor Mercury noticed something else with her visor. "Sailormercury, do you see that? They seem to be concentrating on only one group; Bitimu is not attacking or being attacked by the Scouts, and Eitimu seems to be ignoring the Senshi!" "That must mean that they..."

"... can't fight or defend against the other group!" said Luna. "Those computer sequences seem to be erecting defenses...."

"... against specific Scout or Senshi attacks only! They must be attuned to only one group- the one that exists in the Reality they service!" said Lu-na. "Based on this..."

"....the Raita must not have shared files or data on any group other than the one they're set up to handle!" noted Sailor Mercury.

Luna and Lu-na raced into the building; Luna had been singed by a stray bolt and her tail was smoking. "We made it! "

The two black cats relayed their observations to both Mercurys, who listened carefully.

"That's it!" cried Sailor Mercury. "Have you noticed? Eitimu is tapping in commands on her case in response to what she sees the Sailor Scouts doing!" cried Sailormercury. "And Bitimu is adjusting for and pursuing the Sailor Senshi... but our comrades are now in range of each other, and both must be in range of both Raitas' scanners..."

"That's right!" said Lu-na brightly. "There are only five blips on Bitimu's screen, and only five on Bitimu's screen." "Given the fact that both groups of Sailors are together, they should be detecting ten blips total on EACH data screen!" smiled Sailor Mercury.

Artemisu grinned. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Everyone smiled and nodded...

"YOWWW!" cried Sailor Venus, as she crashed to the ground, nursing her left arm. "We're running out of room! Where can we go?" wailed Sailor Moon. "Look- it's Sailor Mercury and Sailormercury!" said Sailor Jupiter; the two were running forward from the shrine. "I hope Amy and Ami got some kind of plan cooked up, or we're goners." said Sailor Moon. "But they're weaker than us. What are they doing?"
"Have faith," said Sailor Mars. That's about all we have going for us, she thought apprehensively.

Battered and bruised, the Senshi had regrouped on the opposite side of the courtyard. "I'm so tired." said Sailorvenus. "I don't care if I ever Supreme Thunder again," quipped Sailorjupiter. "Look! It's Ami," cried Sailormoon. "and the other Amy."
"What can they do that we couldn't?" sighed an exhausted Sailormars...

The two Water Sailors ran defiantly forward and separated, one to the east, and one to the west. Eitumu grinned, and Bitimu looked amused.

"SHABON..." cried Sailormercury, as a mass of Water Energy formed between her juxtaposed palms- "SPRAY!!!" she cried, as the energy exploded forward into a thick fog.

"Mercury Bubbles... BLAST!" yelled Sailor Mercury, performing an identical attack with the same effect as her Twin Sailor, cloaking the area in mist.

The dense fog quickly obscured everything around the shrine. "Psst!! Sailor Moon!" cried Luna, who'd just jumped out of the fog onto her shoulder. "YAAAAHHH!!" screamed Sailor Moon. "You scared me!" "Be quiet!" admonished Luna. The other Scouts gathered around her. "Everyone, here's the plan..."

"Blast it!" cursed Bitimu. "I can't see them." He checked the screen of his controller. There they are, he thought, looking at the blips on his case screen. They're running away to the west. He began typing a series of attack coordinates into his system.

"Trying to cloud our judgment, girls?" quipped Eitimu, as she dipped her eyes to her controller screen and detected the Scouts running away from her towards the east.
She prepared another energy globe. "Wait... what are those voices..."

"EEAAAAHHH!!" Bitimu screamed, as a joined bolt of Venus Crescent Beam and Mars Fire energy suddenly exploded against his back, hurling him to the ground. "Yeeeehaaaa!" shouted Sailor Venus.
"What? How... " Bitimu groaned, reaching for his case.

"That's Bitimu yelling..." Eitimu heard his cries, and began to panic.

"Where are they?! Bitimu! Can you see them--- ARGGGHH!!! " screamed Eitimu, as a blast of Sparkling Wide Pressure struck her, exploding against her back as well and knocking her on her face. "Gotcha!!" yelled Sailorjupiter. "YATTA!" cried the Sailor Senshi as a cheer went up from the group.

With the fog as a cover, the Sailor Senshi had positioned themselves behind Eitimu, just as the Sailor Scouts had done behind Bitimu, thus putting the Raita in the middle. The plan was going perfectly.

"Your existence has just ended!" snarled a livid Bitimu; he created another powerful burst of energy, and targeted the blips to the east. "DIE!" he shouted, as the energy sphere shot into the fog.

"DIE, SAILOR SCOUTS!" screamed Eitimu; she also created an energy sphere, and locked on to the blips to her west. The ball crackled and took off with a shriek...

The mist cleared as the heat from the energy globes dissipated it...
"NOOO!!" screamed Eitimu, as, through the clearing mist, she saw an energy blast identical to the one she sent heading right for her...

"WHAT? NO!" shouted Bitimu, as the deadly globe hurtled through the mist right at him...

The Sailor Scouts and Sailor Senshi had intentionally positioned themselves so that the enemy Raita would catch themselves in a crossfire.

With a searing explosion and a shock wave which sent the Scouts, Senshi, and cats flying, the Raitas' energy blasts impacted each other. Both Raita screamed as the concussion from the blast knocked them flat. The two stunned Raita lay momentarily unmoving, still clutching their controllers.

Luna looked at Sailor Moon. "Sailor Moon! Now!"
Lu-na also said "Sailormoon! Ima! Ima yo!"

Sailor Moon and Sailormoon raced forward towards the Raita, determination on their faces; sweeping their arms in the air, the Moon Scepter materialized in Sailor Moon's hands, and the Cutie Moon Rod appeared in Sailormoon's;

"MOON... SCEPTER... ELIMINATION!" cried Sailor Moon, as the beam of continuous Crescent Moon Energy blasted forth, directed at Bitimu...

"MOON...PRINCESS... HALATION!" cried Sailormoon, as a matching beam of Crescent Energy shot from the end of the Moon Rod, aimed at Eitimu...

With surprising quickness, both Raita suddenly leapt up and dodged to the center, landing next to each other; Sailor Moon and Sailormoon shrieked in alarm as their beams missed their targets.

Smoldering, disheveled, but surprisingly unhurt otherwise, Bitimu and Eitimu stood up.

"Time to put our differences aside," Eitimu said to Bitimu. "Agreed," he replied. "If we've learned nothing from these inferior brats, it's that teamwork is the answer."
"I think a new approach is in order..." said Eitimu, as both Raita conferred with each other while quickly typing data into their systems...

Artemis and Artemisu, realizing the implications of what the Raita just said, ran forward. "WATCH OUT! " they yelled...

Two huge explosions suddenly erupted amongst each Sailor group, flinging screaming Sailors and cats in all directions...

The two majestic stone Lion Dog statues at the east and west sides of the shrine walkway abruptly came to life and leapt off their pedestals, attacking the dazed Senshi and Scouts as they crawled to their feet.

"CRESCENT... BEAM!" cried Sailorvenus, bringing her fingers to bear on the first charging Lion Dog; the beam sliced through the center of the animated statue, shattering it into a hundred pieces.

"SHINE AQUA... ILLUSION!" shouted Sailormercury, as the freezing blast of water energy froze the second Lion Dog in its tracks...

"MOON SCEPTER ELIMINATION!" yelled Sailor Moon, bringing the Moon Scepter to bear on the frozen monstrosity, the Crescent Moon energy pulverizing it into shards of rock.

Artemis suddenly cried in surprise; "Look out!"

It had been a diversion; while the Sailors had been concentrating on the statues charging them, the shrine bell ropes had come alive, multiplying into numerous lengths of twisted red and white like the tentacles of some giant squid. The girls screamed helplessly as all the Sailors of both Realities suddenly became entwined, bound, and hoisted aloft by the ten lengths of living rope.

"I... can't get... loose!" screamed Sailorvenus. All the Sailors fought and struggled, but they were all held in crushing, immovable grips.

Luna, Artemis, Lu-na, and Artemisu attacked the ropes, snarling and spitting; Eitimu tapped a key, and the cats were suddenly struck by free ends of the ropes, which smashed their light bodies against the front walls of the shrine, stunning them. Several ends of the ropes replicated themselves and bound the cats like boa constrictors seizing their prey...

"You're going nowhere, Sailor brats." said Eitimu to their struggling captives.
"You gave us quite a challenge, "said Bitimu, "but I regret your existence is about to be at an end..."


Two streaks of red shot from behind the surprised Raita, striking each of their controller cases, knocking them from the astonished Raitas' hands onto the courtyard floor. "WHAT!!" "WHO DARES...." they cried.

"Tuxedo Kamen-sama!" cried the overjoyed Sailor Senshi.
"It's Tuxedo Mask!!" yelled the Sailor Scouts.

"At your service, ladies," said the two top-hatted, caped masked figures perched atop the torii arch.

"Messing with poor young girls who have committed no crime other than existing is unforgiveable, and will not be tolerated." said Tuxedo Kamen.

"Your unwanted and irresponsible control of both realities is at an end." stated Tuxedo Mask.

Leaping from their perch, Tuxedo Mask landed beside one controller, and Tuxedo Kamen beside the other. A single red rose had skewered each of the cases; sparks appeared around their entry points.

The startled Raita lunged forward towards their cases.
The two black-clad, dapper heroes reached for the controllers, seizing them. The Raita inexplicably stopped, then a smile crept over their faces... a look of sudden realization came over the two Tuxedos...

A blinding energy discharge erupted from each of the cases, enveloping Tuxedo Mask and Tuxedo Kamen; their screams joined with those of the horrified Sailors, the cats, and the sound of the terrible laughter of the Raita.


Their smoking bodies lay prostrate in the courtyard; they were alive, but badly hurt.

The Raita stretched their arms towards their controllers, then jerked them back as if quickly yanking on an invisible tether. The two controllers shot from the ground, back into their arms.

"Blast that interloper," cursed Bitimu, as he jerked the rose from his damaged case.
"That interfering... he's ruined the controllers!" spat Eitimu, pulling the rose from hers and crushing the petals in her angry fist.

"Not completely," said Bitimu. He had just performed a self-diagnostic on his unit. "We can join the units again to make one fully functional system and finish the task of deleting these brats. Then I'll settle with you," he said sternly to Eitimu.
"I can't wait," Eitimu replied coldly.

The helpless Sailor Scouts and Sailor Senshi could only watch numbly as the Raita faced forward, feet spread apart, with Eitimu on Bitimu's left. Eitimu held the controller case upright in her right arm, and Bitimu held his upright in his left arm. The two quickly tapped a sequence of keys; metallic cables whipped from each damaged case like flailing tentacles, wrapping around each other, joining the two controllers together. As the tendrils formed a single strand of almost-living cable, a blaze of energy enveloped both Raita as their systems shared complete data and files on both realities, the Senshi, and the Scouts...

"Please wait!" cried Sailor Moon. "Listen to me! Don't do anything more before you hear what I have to say, please!"

Bitimu and Eitimu paused, amused. "What could you possibly say of any value to us, Sailor Scout?" remarked Eitimu. "Besides, you're all 'tied up' at the moment."

"This may be an opportunity to improve both worlds," Sailor Moon said, in a gentle, insistent voice full of reason, which surprised everyone considering the situation she was in. "For once, you two are working together; you have an incredible power to change the destiny of Realities."

Sailormoon smiled and joined in. "I know you have to have a way to return us to our own realities. Then you can straighten out the problems here together. "

"Go on," said Bitimu, listening. Eitimu glared at him, but kept silent.

Sailor Mercury said, "Maybe the Master and the Backup ARE flawed, but you can repair the damage and certainly form a destiny for us here in the Backup Reality that has the best parts of both the Master and the Backup without the conflicts."

Sailormercury added, "The Master is already set, but the Backup has formed its own destiny in many ways. Can't you keep this Backup Reality intact and encourage its growth? Try a compromise! "

Bitimu seemed attentive, until the last word was spoken. His face twisted in an angry expression, and he said "There WILL BE NO COMPROMISE. Once you have been eliminated, I can close this inconsistency and go about restructuring this Reality to conform."
"What do you mean, YOU?" snarled Eitimu. "This Reality is by and large my project now. I will take it in whatever direction I choose. Once these brats have been deleted, you can go back to the Master and leave my world alone."
"You useless heretic... " started Bitimu.

"But what about our families? Our friends?" interrupted Sailor Jupiter. "How can you rebuild their lives with us gone?"

Eitimu laughed. "All traces of you, your families, everything- will be gone. The backup will be rewritten to my ideals. You Scouts will not even be a memory."

Bitimu added, "The Master will also be altered to elminate you Senshi from the matrix, just as I will eliminate the impurities caused by Eitimu. This foolish conflict will never have happened."

All ten Sailors and the cats began to protest loudly, imploring the Raita to listen to reason, but their cries fell on deaf ears. Eitimu glanced at her data controller, and suddenly became pale.

"Bitimu!" yelled Eitimu. "Ten more instabilities have opened outside of this area. We must stabilize them!" Bitimu glanced south; through the torii, he could detect shifting and blurring of several areas of town behind him.

"We must finish this quickly," said Bitimu.

Eitimu and Bitimu, united for once, furiously typed on their controllers. The data pads seemed to sputter and arc as they typed on them. "Blast it!" cried Eitimu. "There are tears in the dimensional matrix which aren't responding to our control- those caped fools must have disrupted the circuitry..."

Suddenly the air blurred as a dimensional tear opened up and a young woman fell through it, landing in a squat. Eitimu and Bitimu abruptly stopped punching keys and stood transfixed, staring at the figure.

Artemisu and Lu-na both gasped- "It's a Sailor Senshi..."

The young blonde woman was indeed dressed in the uniform of a Sailor Senshi, tiara and all, but it differed slightly; her front bow was yellow; the skirt and collar were dark blue, almost black; she wore short dark blue "crush" top ankle boots, and her white Sailor gloves ended just above the wrist, though a dark blue cuff still was present on each one. Her hair was cut short, almost like a boy; she had a solitary hoop earring in her left ear, and her expression was one of fierce determination. She stared in bewilderment at the scene around her, then, as her eyes fell upon the trapped and bound Sailors, her expression turned to one of shock. In a surprisingly deep voice, she cried, "Sailor Moon...."

Sailor Moon screamed, "The Raita! They've disrupted our realities and are trying to destroy us!" Sailormoon added, "I don't know who you are, and how you know us, but help us if you can! Please!"

The mysterious Sailor quickly saw the two Raita gaping at her nearby, and her eyes narrowed; the Raita looked at each other, screamed "A CONTINUITY GLITCH!" in one voice, and punched their datapads in a panicked frenzy.
"Who is that? Did you do that?" snapped Bitimu.
"No, you idiot!" retorted Eitimu shakily. "Do you have files on her? If you don't...."
Bitimu growled in a voice tinged with fear, "Shut up! Try to send her back..."

But it was far too late.

The Sailor took a wide stance and tightened her left fist. She thrust her right arm straight up with the palm open, then appeared to grab a fistful of air, shouting "WORLD...." As she did so, intense rays of powerful energy suddenly radiated from between the fingers of her closed fist. A ring of energy simultaneously burst through the ground around her feet and rose up her body rapidly to circle the globe of power in her right hand. With a cry of "...SHAKING!!!" she abruptly drove her right hand and its contents into the courtyard beneath her feet. With a roar, something tore through the concrete and stone at incredible speed in a straight line directly towards the two startled Raita. They had time to do little more than scream as a terrifying ringed ball of Planet Energy exploded from the unearthly furrow it had created and slammed into them. Their agonized screams turned into horrible gargling howls; their engulfed bodies seemed rapidly pulled in several directions at once, shaking and oscillating violently in a deadly dance of death. With a final shudder, their bodies and the controllers shattered in two blinding explosions.

The last efforts of the Raita must somehow have been marginally successful; the air around the mysterious Senshi shimmered, and she vanished as quickly as she had appeared. Sailor Moon thought she saw the girl winking at her with an almost flirtatious smile as her form dissolved.

The twisted bonds crushing the Sailors crumbled, and Sailor Scouts and Sailor Senshi alike fell to the damaged tiles of the courtyard of the shrine.

Picking themselves up slowly, the girls looked around, somewhat dazed. Sailor Jupiter yelled, "We did it! Yahooo!" "Yatta!!!" yelled the Sailor Senshi. But not everyone was so excited....

"Tuxedo Mask..." whimpered Sailor Moon, running over to his body. "Tuxedo Kamen..." said Sailormoon, rushing over to her love.

"Way... to ... go, Meatball-head..." smiled Darien. "We didn't do it," Serena admitted, tearfully. "You did. By wrecking their controllers, you made it so that mysterious Senshi appeared. Whoever she was, I thank her..." But I sure didn't like the way she looked at me, Sailor Moon thought. She shuddered.

"Mamo-chan... you're here. You came..." wept Sailormoon. "Always, Usako." said Tuxedo Kamen; they kissed. "You saved us- you damaged their computers so that they created their own downfall." Mamoru smiled at his love. "The least... I could do, odango-atama."

Luna suddenly quivered, then looked straight up; as her eyes widened, Artemis followed her gaze; Artemisu said "Uh... Scouts, Senshi.... perhaps we shouldn't be too hasty in celebrating...."

What could only be described as a small "crack" had developed in the sky above them; a stark bluish-white light of extreme intensity streamed from it, and electrical discharges in the form of lightning joined were sympathetically generated in the clouds nearby. The sky above the Shrine then seemed to split open as a bright, jagged dimensional tear erupted with a deafening roar and began to slowly grow, spreading outwards and downwards.

"Go, Usako..." said Tuxedo Kamen. "You... too, Serena," said Tuxedo Mask. "Go..."
Nodding tearfully, both girls kissed their heroes and rushed over to their companions.

The earth beneath their feet trembled; with the Raita destroyed, the already fragile links between the two dimensions were completely disintegrating, out of control. Entire areas of the city began to blur and vibrate, altering between one world and another. Buildings crumbled as the interdimensional stresses destroyed their structure. Sailor Mercury screamed, "The barriers have broken down!" Sailormercury shouted, "All stability between our two dimensions is deteriorating rapidly!!" Sailor Mars and Sailormars did nothing but stare in disbelief as their eyes filled with tears... The vision- it's happening just as we saw it ....Oblivion... Oblivion...

A nearly hurricane force wind struck them as the shock wave hit; rubble and other debris flew past, and the Sailor Teams fought to remain standing as the gales whipped and strained at their clothing. Tuxedo Mask and Tuxedo Kamen lay flat and covered their heads with their capes to keep out the flying dust; they were still too weak to do more than lie still.

"NO!!!!" screamed Sailor Mars. "IT CAN'T HAPPEN. IT WILL NOT HAPPEN." "But what can we do?" yelled Sailor Jupiter.

Sailor Moon and Sailormoon paused, and calmly looked into each other's moist eyes.
Their gaze dipped for a moment, as they communicated without a word; they both slumped for a moment, then caught themselves and stood ramrod straight. Sailor Moon's eyebrow raised slightly in query, and Sailormoon nodded in affirmation.

"Minna... Everyone....We know what we have to do. It's the only way."

Sailor Moon said "We can't let our world be destroyed. There are too many lives at stake in this Reality." Sailormoon joined with, "Your Reality can't exist without ours, and right now we're bonded; if you go, everything we know and love will be gone too. It's either fight or fail."

"We can do it. We MUST do it." said Sailormoon. "Not just for your Reality, but for ours as well," added Sailor Moon.

As the hellish ball of oblivion slowly expanded towards the earth, Sailor Moon and Sailormoon, Serena and Usagi, faced each other. Cupping their hands around their Sailor Brooches, they closed their eyes and concentrated. The lids of the brooches opened simultaneously with a faint ring, and the Silver Crystal and the Ginzuishou floated free of the lockets, drifting in the air as the two girls extended their arms.

Sailormars screamed, "NO! Usagi! Serena! Don't do it... you'll die.... not again! PLEASE.... NOT AGAIN!" She could not restrain the tears that streamed unchecked down her bruised cheeks and which were driven away by the howling winds.

All the other girls began to cry as well, even though they were trying to remain brave; they knew the cost of using the Silver Crystal; a price Queen Serenity, and both Moon Princesses, had paid before.

As the Sailors watched, dumbstruck, Sailor Moon and Sailormoon's transformations collapsed into flying pink energy ribbons waving wildly around their momentarily nude forms; with a sudden flash, the ribbons regrouped around the girls, and they abruptly transformed into Princess Serena and Princess Serenity. The crescent moons on their foreheads glowed with unimagined energy, and their flowing white dresses were buffeted by the winds. The Silver Crystal and the Ginzuishou, suspended between the Princesses' outstretched hands, glowed with a dazzling light; bands of energy seemed to swirl around and between the crystals, as if they were alive and talking to each other.

The cats suddenly sprang forward; "They need our help, everyone!"

The Sailor Scouts and Sailor Senshi took each others' hands, forming a circle of eight around the two Princesses; Sailor Mars stood directly opposite Sailormars; Sailor Venus opposite Sailorvenus; and so forth. Artemis and Artemisu stood at north and south points, and Luna and Lu-na at east and west. Tuxedo Mask and Tuxedo Kamen struggled to their feet, and took a stance opposite each other, outside of the circle of Sailors and faced each other; one to the east, and one to the west

All four cats closed their eyes, and the crescent moons on their foreheads glowed, sending out beams which focused on the pair of Silver Crystals.

The Sailors all closed their eyes, and each matched pair of Sailors cried out in sequence:

"Mercury Star Power!"
"Mars Star Power!"
"Jupiter Star Power!"
"Venus Star Power!"

the two Princesses cried;
"Moon Crystal Power!"

The entire group shouted;

A powerful rainbow-hued cylinder of blue, yellow, red, and green energy shot upwards from the circle formed by the Senshi and Scouts; the two beautiful Moon Princesses in its center began to levitate, rising together and rotating around the two Crystals which they held suspended between them. The Sailor Planet Power combined with the Silver Crystals's own combined energies generated a blindingly intense white beam that loudly stabbed upwards, striking the growing ball of destruction, shaking the foundations of the damaged continuum. Princess Serena and Princess Serenity felt their energies weakening against the unimaginable power of the force threatening to destroy them, and faltered a moment, then set their brows and concentrated. They felt the Oblivion Field begin to shift and weaken- it was no match for the combined energies of the two Sailor groups and the two Moon Princesses. "This is for OUR WORLD!!!" screamed the Princesses- as the Crystal Energy beam suddenly exploded upwards with a bolus of energy with the intensity of an atomic weapon, driven by the will to live of the mighty Sailor Teams. The dimensional rift belched forth a frightening groaning sound which split the air; then it bulged, ruptured, and a blazing white light engulfed everyone and everything....

Silence, and peace.... Serena felt no pain, nothing but bliss; Darien came to her; she reached for him, and he for her; as they were about to kiss in this dreamy oblivion, she suddenly heard him say "Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!" As she stared at him in wonderment, he started jabbing her in the shoulders with his index fingers over and over! She said "Darien! Stop it" and he said, sternly, "Serena! Serena!..."

"SERENA!!! " yelled Luna, who was jumping up and down on Serena's chest vigorously as the chicken alarm twittered irritatingly... "You'll be late again!! Get moving!!"

"YAAAAA!" screamed Serena, as she bolted upright and tore around the bedroom getting ready for another day at school.

"Luna, I had a HORRIBLE dream!" cried Serena. "It seemed so real... and scary- as if there were actually beings out there who decide what we'll do, who we'll fight, and change our adventures as they see fit..."

Luna said nothing. She thought, shuddering, I had that same dream... but how could I have?

* * * * *

Raye knelt before the brazier in the shrine, speaking an incantation and manipulating her fingers in the prescribed fashion:
"Rin, pyou, tou, sha, kai, jin, retsu, sai, zen."

As she stared into the fire, she saw Rei clearly, just as if she were on the other side of the brazier. Rei was doing a simultaneous fire reading in the other Reality.

Is everything okay there? she asked Rei mentally.

Fine, Raye heard in her mind. Everyone is back to normal- Usagi-chan, Minako-chan, Ami-chan, Mako-chan, Lu-na, Artemisu, and Mamoru-san. How about your end?

Same here, projected Raye. Serena and everyone else are back to business as usual. To look at the city and everything else, you'd think nothing had ever occurred at all.

I guess you and I are the only ones who remember what happened, Rei "said".

Seems that way. I just hope we never encounter those beings again, thought Raye.

There are good Raita, and bad Raita, she "heard". Let's hope we get the good Raita for a change next time.

Rei smiled at Raye through the fire, and Raye smiled back.

March 1996

Author's Notes:
I think it's obvious to anyone who has ever become familiar with the original Japanese episodes of Sailor Moon and who then watches the DIC episodes that it almost seems like we're watching the show in a version set in an alternate universe. While the DIC adaptation is a good one, it's hard for someone who hasn't seen the originals to truly comprehend the significant differences that sometimes are present.

With that germ of an idea, this story was born. I chose to write it from the "DIC" viewpoint because most readers will be exclusively familiar with it, though a part of me cringed a bit doing so.

This story has an underlying satire reflecting extremists from both viewing camps (the DIC version fans, and the die-hard otaku). It also pokes fun at the disparate writing present in the DIC adaptations, which I once termed the "A-team" (the writers who go off on tangents and alter the episode dialogue and editing severely) and the "B-team" (the faithful adapters who generally do a near-flawless adaptation given their BS & P requirements).

"Raita" is a Japanese word; pronounce it "ra-ee-ta" and should you be able to easily figure out what it means- "writer". "Eitimu" (eh-ee-tee-moo) and "Bitimu" (bee-tee-moo) are, of course, Japanese for "A-team" and "B-team".

Some elements of this story are admittedly inspired by a scene or two in the "R" and "S" movies and the "S" series, most notably Serena's face full of ice-cream.

The "Sailor V" dream is a direct and slightly adjusted description of a scene from original episode 42, which was skipped by DIC- basically everything related to Sailor V as a "real" person was excised from the first Sailor Moon season.

"Ribbon" is a long-running popular shojo manga which is "Nakayoshi's" head-to-head competitor every month; "Nakayoshi" is the manga which the "Sailor Moon" feature appears in, so no wonder Luna is upset...!

Who's the mysterious Sailor? If you don't know, I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you who she is...!

As a final comment, what's my take on all this?? Well, I enjoy both the original Japanese episodes and the DIC episodes immensely. I'm inclined to prefer the originals way over the DIC versions, but I'm awfully glad the DIC adaptation exists, because without it, I wouldn't have been inspired to seek out and watch the Japanese series to see what I was missing. Sarah, my daughter, who has watched the series faithfully with me from the beginning, also has benefitted from exposure to both "realities" (She actually likes the Japanese episodes better!). One supports the other, and isn't that the point of the story?

So in all, this story's dedicated to Sarah, my own little Moon Princess.

Many additional heartfelt thanks to:

Jayne Berg: Thanks for letting me preview your fanfics, and thanks for inspiring, supporting, and previewing my little experiment!

Howard Tom: Arigato, senpai, watashi no shitashii tomodachi!

Yoshitaka Ishigami: Taihen benkyo ni narimashita. Domo arigato gozaimashita, sensei!

Richard E. Rae
Compuserve ID 76174, 1410

Copyright ©1996, Richard E. Rae. All Rights Reserved, except that
All "Sailor Moon" character names are Copyright ©1996, Naoko Takeuchi / Kodansha / Toei Animation

If you wish to reprint, publish or distribute this work of "fan fiction," please contact me before doing so at the above e-mail address. I would appreciate it.

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